1. The recommendation of restricting the number of students in the various outdoor events is as follows:


Event                           Maximum no. in team             Maximum of playing


Cricket                                    3                                              2

Volleyball                                2                                              1


Students, must be staff club members and puresuing PhD in CSIR la. are only eligible to participate in the SSBMT events.


  1. As regards the issue of giving ample chance to the ‘fence sitters’ in each of the sports event, it was recommended that in all team events, there should be a minimum of 30 per cent new members (4 new members in 14 members cricket team and 2 new members in 8 members volleyball team), to be duly certified by the CoA of the concernrd Laboratories.


  1. List of selected team must contain names with designation and new members has to be marked (new member against his name) must be certified by the CoA and the same has to be forwarded by mail/fax/post to the host laboratory. However, in certain cases if no new members are available, the concerned lab can send the qualified team with the approval of CoA. All the selected team members must bring their ID cards to the venue. If any staff/student ID card found to be invalid, the concerned team will be disqualified from the event and appropriate action may be taken by the SPB board in due course.


Format of Letters from COA to Host Laboratory

Example: (typed in office letter head)


Selected Team members



1.      Dr. Ramanujan            Scientist                       New member

2.      Mr. Roshan                  PhD Student                -

3.      Mr. Sanjay                   TO-2                            -




1.      Dr. Tripathy                 Scientist                       -

2.      Mr. Sahoo                    PhD Student                New member

3.      Mr. Ganesh                 Tech.                           -


CoA, CSIR-lab

  1. For cricket as well as Volleyball events all the teams must be divided in to two groups (Group A & B) through lottery system to ensure that all the teams may get equal opportunity as well as transparency in group selection. In case of Cricket, 20 over format should be followed. However, in case of any unavoidable circumstances the overs may be reduced in discussion and approval with the concerned Team captains.


  1. Each team under Group A and B has to play four league matches and the top two teams in each group will qualify to play the semi-final that should be played in criss-cross format i.e., (Group A1 vs Group B2)  and (Group B1 vs Group A2). The two winning teams will be qualified for the SSBMT outdoor finals.


  1. The minutes of the managers meeting in presence of SPB observers must be signed by all the team managers and any deviation of the existing SPB rules must be mentioned with proper justification and approved by SPB observers. In any case the decision made by the concerned SPB members will be final and must be adhered to.


  1. Once the player name is enrolled in the respective game (Cricket/Volleyball) he will not be allowed to play in other game in any circumstances.